About TBR

Texas Buck Registry is a central place for all hunters in the state of Texas to post pictures of their harvest each season. It can be your first buck, your biggest buck, or anything in between. These records are stored in a secure location, easily sent to friends and family and will capture valuable data for researchers, wildlife managers and conservationists across the state. Think of it as a free, online way to record your hunts.

TBR is open to any hunter in the state of Texas. There are no antler size restrictions or clubs you need to join or fees you need to pay. We only ask that you make an effort to record accurate data and post pictures which are tasteful and respectful of the animal.

About the Design of the site (TBR)

When we were creating this site, we wanted to keep it simple, useful and intuitive to use. We support the concept of Wildlife Management and wanted to build a tool that helps hunters and landowners keep track of their harvests each season, by creating online profiles for each deer taken. The data recorded in these profiles can be used to calculate buck to doe ratios, determine age structure and general herd health and guide harvest recommendations for next season. We hope you find the site to be useful, as well as educational. There is much we can learn from our friends and neighbors about conservation and proper wildlife management, and we encourage you to start those conversations!