Deer Profile

Points: 8 Age: 6+ Score: 148 1/8 Inside Spread: 000 Basal Circumference:
L   R n/a
Main Beam:
L   R n/a
Date: 1/2/2021 Time: 17:20
Ranch: n/a County: Dimmit Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: Temperature: Moon: Hunter Name: Hannah Kaker Submitted Date: 4/27/2021

Here's the Story:

This mature 8 point with a bonus cheater on the brow is the most exciting deer I've been lucky enough to harvest. I was able to get a long shot on him before the sun began to set. The tenderloins and backstraps were collected, while the rest of the meat was donated to local families in need in Dimmit county.