Deer Profile

Points: 10 Age: 8.5 Score: 142.5 Inside Spread: 18 Basal Circumference:
L 4   R 4
Main Beam:
L 20   R 19.5
Date: 1/25/2020 Time: 07:35
Ranch: n/a County: Webb Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: 170 Temperature: 43 Moon: Waning Crescent Moon Hunter Name: Doug Doyle Submitted Date: 2/4/2020

Here's the Story:

First saw him in 2015 and passed. Caught him multiple times on camera over the years before the season and like clockwork on opening day he would disappear and stop eating in the open. After 4 years I had all but considered him a ghost. However the old man dropped his guard and Saturday and finally presented a shot. He had a good run and I am glad to have taken him before he died of old age.