Deer Profile

Points: 10 Age: 5-1/2 Score: Approx 130 Inside Spread: 14-1/2 Basal Circumference:
L   R n/a
Main Beam:
L   R n/a
Date: 12/2/2018 Time: 08:30
Ranch: n/a County: Fayette Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: 120 Temperature: 51 Moon: Hunter Name: Harlee Hayek Submitted Date: 12/3/2018

Here's the Story:

Well, she did it again!! My little huntress smoked this stud yesterday morning. I have some history with him, but not much. I saw him once during archery season and he looked very mature and had a giant body. When we saw him yesterday morning, I thought there was no way it was the same deer! He is so run down from the rut, but still weighed 140 lbs. his spine is showing through the skin! We watched him walk up and down the fenceline and then walk close to 1 mile away and chase a doe over into the neighbors and out of sight! We decided to get out of the stand and go to the truck and ride around and see if there were any other deer moving. We were driving for only about 5 mins and we spotted 9 doe that were in a group hiding in the little bit of brush we have on the old river bank. Then I happened to look to my right out of the passenger window and I saw a buck standing in the open. I saw he had tall brows and he was well past the ears so I told her to get ready. I had driven too far and had to back up. When I backed up, he went up the old river bank and out of sight so I drove back up on top of the bank thinking he would come out in the open. He never showed, so I went back down to where I saw him and he was nowhere to be seen. So I drove back up on top, still no deer. I told Harlee that maybe there was a chance he was on the side of the bank where he walked up, so we slowly drove along the bank and I saw him stand up! I said, “Can you see him?”, and there was a pause and she said “Yes!! I see him!!!” I said “Can you get on him?” She started adjusting her aim she never answered because she was wearing her ear protection and then I heard the safety click off! I knew it was fixing to go down, so I held my ears and, Boom!! I saw the deer react and I knew he was hit, just didn’t know where. He ran down the bank toward us about 10 feet and then back up. I lost sight of him for a few seconds and then I saw a white flicker. I thought he fell, but it was his tail. He was standing there so I slowly backed out. We went back home and I called my best friend Zach Holub, and my bro in law Jim Spiro, who was at the house already because the came down for the weekend. We waited for about an hour and went back down to where everything took place. We got out of the truck and started walking toward the bank and Zach Holub spotted his white belly lying exactly where he was when we backed out! Harlee and I walked over to him and to our surprise, it was the same deer we had been watching all morning long that disappeared out of sight in the complete opposite direction!! I absolutely couldn’t believe that deer traveled that far in the approximately 10 minutes it took to walk to the truck and drive to where we spotted him!!!! It was one of the most exciting moments in my hunting life, and I could tell it was for her as well! She made a perfect shot and he is a stud!!! I am a very proud dad. She passed several deer because she said they were too young! Very impressed for a 10 year old! Thank God for giving me the opportunities I’ve had in my life to enjoy the one thing I love to do more than anything else, as far as recreational things go, hunt! And now to pass this on to my kids and to see the passion she has, and how much she has learned in the past 2 years, it makes me so incredibly happy!! Thank you Zach and Jim for your help finding, loading and setting up for photos! Thank you mom and dad for having a place for us to go! Thank you Ryan Haas and Kelly Haas for coming out and helping me skin and process, and most of all, thank you Shelly Hayek for letting me do what I do, and helping me get the kiddos involved! I love all of you for being a part of my kiddos lives!