Deer Profile

Points: 10 Age: 14 Score: 145 Inside Spread: 15 Basal Circumference:
L   R n/a
Main Beam:
L   R n/a
Date: 10/18/2018 Time: 05:10
Ranch: n/a County: Llano Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: 185 Temperature: 75 degrees Moon: First Quarter Moon Hunter Name: Cade lehne Submitted Date: 12/3/2018

Here's the Story:

We have been sitting in the hunting blind for about an hour till we caught a glimpse of him bout 400yds away took about 15 minutes till he was under the feeder then I put my gun out the window to shoot and he got spooked as he was running I whistled to make him stop and shot him dead in his tracks