Deer Profile

Points: 10 Age: 6.5 Score: 136.5 Inside Spread: taxidermist did not say Basal Circumference:
L   R n/a
Main Beam:
L   R n/a
Date: 11/10/2018 Time: 07:30
Ranch: n/a County: Llano Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: Temperature: Moon: Hunter Name: Max Reinbach III Submitted Date: 12/3/2018

Here's the Story:

Deer taken on the morning of 11/10/18 at around 7:30am. Location: 4M ranch in Buchanan Dam. I was close to giving up after nothing came into the feeder, when I noticed a doe on a full sprint. Seconds later, the Buck came into view. I was able to get him to stop for a split second with a grunt. He turned at a quarter and I shot. Found him about 100 yards away. Patience pays off! instagram handle: @maxreinbach