Deer Profile

Points: 10 and 8 Age: 5 Score: 120 Inside Spread: 18 Basal Circumference:
L   R n/a
Main Beam:
L   R n/a
Date: 1/6/2018 Time: 08:30
Ranch: n/a County: Dimmit Fence: Low Fence Field Dressed Weight: Temperature: Moon: Hunter Name: Adrianna Segura Submitted Date: 1/6/2018

Here's the Story:

My sister took her first bucks ever this morning, her and I hunted for years before she finally wanted to behind the gun. She hunted this gnarly buck for two weeks before he came out in front of her. Then this nice management 8 stepped out and she didn’t waste any time putting the hurting on this typical 8 pointer. Couldn’t be more proud of her!